Hello fellow entrepreneur.

My name is Mane Lakic and I am the founder and CEO of Getyob.
Getyob was founded in December 2015, with a clear and simple mission: to help entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs be more successful through valuable advice, mentoring, tools and technology. With already several successful businesses on my resume, I have decided to also support others and show them how to start a successful business or a startup, and share my experience with ambitious individuals who need a little guidance and introduction into the entrepreneurship world.

My philosophy in business is simple: "Create – Serve – Grow" – and each individual should contribute to this principle, through maximum personal effort and development. Thus Getyob is 
a mission very close to my heart and I am committed to help you make yourself successful.

Are you ready to take this opportunity to create the life you always wanted? 
Then join this mission and the Getyob's successful entrepreneurs club!

Best, Mane Lakic
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